Sing Me In – Collective Singing in the Integration Process of Young Migrants

Musica International is a partner of the “Sing me In” project, coordinated by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat in cooperation with 10 organisations from 9 other European countries with the support of the EU Erasmus Plus – Youth Programme.

The “Sing Me In” project aims at providing children and youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools that allow collective singing activities to play a positive role in the integration process of young people.

The main outputs of the project will thus be three practical handbooks targeting children and youth choir conductors and music teachers:
– Working with young refugees in their environment (refugee camp or accommodation)
– Including young people with migrant background in existing choirs
– Working in a school environment

The project will evaluate the existing experience to extract best practices, and use this basis to collectively develop innovative pedagogical contents. It will also gather examples of challenges encountered in projects aiming at the inclusion of young migrants, collecting “tips and tricks” and pitfalls to be avoided.

Another innovative tool will be a carefully curated collection of repertoire reflecting the migrant’s cultural background to allow for musical exchange between the young singers, accompanied with video sources, sound files, transliterations and translations, pronunciation files to help conductors implement inclusion using relevant material.

Sing Me In is coordinated by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (DE) in partnership with: Estonian Choral Association (EE), Sulasol (FI), Ung i Kor (NO), ZIMIHC (NL), Koor&Stem (BE), A Coeur Joie (FR), Musica International (FR), Moviment Coral Català (ES), Koro Kulturu Dernegi (TR) and Fayha Choir (LB)