Donors from January 1st to December 31st 2020
Marcus Tremmel
Rollinger Jemp
Robin Finesmith
Régine Théodoresco
Pierre-Louis Nanchen
Albrecht Woll
Alain Casalis
Donors from January 1st to December 31st 2019
Steven Hoifeldt
Christian Klucker
Tony Eiras
Jean-Pierre Rollinger
Gerti van den Dijssel
Pierre-Louis Nanchen
Keith Bennett
Jean-Michel Chatard
Daniel Salbert
Sylviane Dajoz
Gabriel Bonahon
Margot McLaughlin
Gudrun Schröfel
Stephen Coker
Wayne Peterson
Falk Bernhard
Jean Gautier-Pignonblanc
Bruce Gladstone
Hermann Kruse
Étienne Fillion
paolo tosoni
Trevor John Roling
Evelyne Besse
Antonello Merendi
rené tronche
Deirdre Moore
Francois HINCKER
Hubert Reidy
DUBOIS Vincent
Cobien Nieuwpoort
Norbert OTT
Mary Ellen Kitchens
Uwe Schmidt
Donors from January 1st to December 31st 2018
Larry Brandenburg
Patric Ricklin
Graeme Wilkinson
Sherlock Bernie
Villagrán Avila Jorge
Susanne Würmli-Kollhopp
Pierre Adam
Carol Grey
Raymond Fahrner
Pierre Grondines
Bruce Gladstone
jean-louis falcon
geneviève PROUX
Mark Stamper
Hermann Kruse
Tor Fjeldstad
Terry Pitt-Brooke
Luc Anthonis
Ann Hösli
Stephen Doerr
Hubert Reidy
Susan Nace
Keith Bennett
Josef Mathys
Frank Albinder
Françoise PECH
Barry Singer
Patricia Warren
Jean-Pierre Rollinger
Marie-Claire RANDON
Roland Coryn

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