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February 2017


New software to improve your options for direct interaction with the Musica database – from any computer!

CALLING ALL MAC USERS: Your time has come!

Over the years we have received literally hundreds of messages lamenting the fact that data can only be input directly in Musica from a PC. Well, those days are finally over! Whatever operating system you use (Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android, etc.), now you are ALL warmly invited to take an active part in expanding the database to include the pieces you feel should be there. We anticipate that many of you will want to take up this opportunity. Those who do will be shown the ropes by Pierre-Luc, our music librarian, who will also act as moderator to guarantee the quality of all input data. Full details are available at www.musicanet.org – just select “Direct online input” from the menu on the left.

Now you no longer need to store information about your scores in a local file. To help you catalogue your choral holdings, we will open a private field in Musica that is accessible only to you. If a piece is already described in Musica (could well be, given our 172,000 separate records), all you need to do is add a location in your dedicated field, giving you all our resources to manage your holding at the touch of a button.

Erasmus+ project “Sing Me In”:

We are helping to collect examples of the use of group singing in the integration of young migrants. If you know of an interesting project or event, please take 10 minutes to share the information by filling out a questionnaire.

The information you submit will be used to identify useful new ideas that can be shared with a wider public. Examples can come from any country, as long as they correspond to what we are looking for.

Projects may also target adults, using methods that can be applied to the youth sector. The questionnaire can be shared via any relevant network or means of communication! All help will be highly appreciated!

Or contact the project by email (in English, French or German) at info@SingMeIn.eu with details of what’s happening in this field in your country.

 What is “Sing Me In”?
"Sing Me In" is a non-commercial European cooperation project bringing together 11 cultural organisations.

We believe that group singing is an effective tool for the integration of people of diverse origins. The aim of the project is provide children, youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools to organise group singing activities that can play a positive role in the integration of young people at risk of exclusion.

MINNEAPOLIS: Musica at the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) National Convention, March 8-11, 2017

Please don’t hesitate to come and say hello: find out how we can help you to shape and develop your choral repertoire, or how you can play a part in our international project :

  • Where? Exhibitor’s stand 343 at the Convention Center.
  • At 10:00 am on Saturday March 11, Musica Executive Director Jean Sturm will be giving a formal presentation of the Musica project

Our favorite piece of the month

Each month Musica showcases a piece of music for choral directors to take with them to the proverbial desert island. Go to http://www.musicanet.org and select "Favorite piece".

For February 2017, we have chosen "Mo Li Hua" (Jasmine Flower), a Chinese popular song arranged by Hyo-Won Woo. It was a hit for the World Youth Choir, and was also performed at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Musica at the "Harmonie Festival", May 25-28, 2017

Musica will be represented at this important German festival of choral and traditional music and dance through an information and demonstration point.

Come along to say hello.

European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

We’ll bet you didn’t know there are 37 million choral singers in Europe!

Download the press release on the "Singing Europe" report or you can get the full report.

And read the ECA newsflash for January 2017

Edition PH-publishers

PH Publishers are proud to introduce you to their new artistic director Battista Pradal.
We would like to invite you to visit their new page “Selected by …", where well-known composers pick a range of interesting pieces for you to try.