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Musica International Project

MUSICA is currently a choral documentary search tool as well as a pedagogic tool for conductors, musicologists, schools of music, musical federations, music stores, and other organisations. It is also ideal for amateurs and those who wish to know more about the choral music repertoire. It fits perfectly as a database to manage a choral music library in a cooperative way with other libraries. It is a necessary tool for choral conductors, just like a tuning fork or pitch pipe.

MUSICA seeks to gather information on all choral music of the world and compile it into a single research tool. It is an international project and the database is therefore multilingual (French, German, English and Spanish), containing over 168,000 references (as of March 2015). This represents dozens of year-men of work. Its evolution into a virtual multimedia library is well underway. However, this work will take many years, and the contribution of volunteers from the world's choral community is necessary in order to quicken the pace towards completion.

The documentary structure of each record is a set according to some 80 different types of information (composer, arranger, publisher, title, genre and form, level of difficulty, type of choir, language, century, instrumentation, etc). The incipits of musical themes have been input and may be searched. At the moment, if you need to carry out such a search, you should get in touch with the Musica International Coordination - office(at)musicanet.org.

Each documentary field is subject to controls of coherence and homogeneity. Around twenty of them translate automatically by means of multilingual thesaurus elaborated by the team of Musica International. Thus a partner inputting data in a given language finds them automatically translated in all other activated languages.