Direct Online Input in Musica

Become interactive with Musica!

Who is concerned?
Maybe you’re a composer, a publisher or a librarian. Or perhaps you’re just interested in helping to develop our world database of choral repertoire. Well, now you can expand and improve the quality of Musica’s database entries by directly inputting new information yourself.

How to access?
Obviously, to guarantee security and the reliability of any information that you add to the database, contributor rights are not available on open access. You will first need to have privileged user status at www.musicanet.org and apply with your user ID to office(at)musicanet.org.
If this is the first time you will be working with us, please indicate whether you are a composer, publisher, music librarian, musicologist, choir director, etc.
We will then open access rights which best correspond to your profile.

How does it work?
The online software performs a host of real-time checks based on authority lists which allow us to ensure a high degree of consistency in the way information appears in the database. Additionally, most of your data will be available instantaneously in multiple languages, thanks to the multilingual thesaurus developed by Musica volunteers. Access to all these functions is simple and intuitive.

And also...
If you wish, you can use Musica to locally manage your own documentary holding or library. This can be done by means of fields to which only you have access, such as the location of the scores in your library.

Let us warmly encourage you to become part of the large family of collaborators and contributors to Musica’s virtual library, which exists for the benefit of the choral community in every part of the globe.

Information for returning visitors and existing contributors
(as on January, 16, 2017)

The New Year means new software!

After three months of testing, we are now able to start restoring full access for you to input and correct information in the Musica database.

Key features of the new version:
  • works with all operating systems (Windows, MacIntosh, Androïd, Linux and more)
  • your rights are yours alone and are based on your user profile
  • faster reaction time, especially when inputting new records
  • impressive operating stability (no outages since we began testing in late October)
  • no more requirement for local software downloads. Once the coordination team has completed your authorisations, access will be right here, via the “Direct online input” button in the www.musicanet.org main menu.