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The Musica International DVD-ROM
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The DVD-ROM v2014 (April 2014)
5.5 GBytes - for WINDOWS but works on MAC by using Parallel or Virtual PC
whole project on DVD


- 162,000 records
- 29,000 composers
- 13,000 authors of text
- 2,200 publishers

- 200,000 multimedia links (80,000 records have at least one multimedia link)

All the Musica multimedia files are on the DVD-Rom.
Composers' anniversaries from 2014 to 2017.
Contains now the Auditorium feature!



Comprehensive description in 4 languages and a tool for searching by almost any         criteria imaginable.
Search results displayed with all the details.
Search not limited to the 50 first answers like on the Web
Far more effective searching with the help of authority lists
Display of the musical themes
Faster searching and display of results
Different possibilities of sorting, displaying, printing...
Help on the DVD-Rom

The Musica Virtual Library at your home or in your library on DVD-ROM.
As essential to the self-respecting choral director as a pitch pipe, the DVD-ROM of Musica contains 4 databases that can be consulted separatly, with additional possibilities compared to the Website in practically all features : searching, displaying, sorting, printing, and these without limitations.
The DVD-ROM encapsulates the whole project and always the very last version.
They are only available on PC Windows. We hope to propose a Mac DVD-ROM when version 3 will come to life.
Registered users of a previous Version 2010 or later copy can upgrade for an "update price".

Private use
(Personal copy, for a choir...)
Licence for public use
in standalone or on a network
with a single concurrent access (*)
Currency First purchase Update from v2010 or later First purchase Update from v2010 or later
Euros 69 37 230 125
(Shipping costs : + 4 Euros )
(*) Rates for a public use with several concurrent accesses on a network :
The first access is full price; for each additional concurrent access, add 125 Euros.
For such a license, contact officeatmusicanet.org