Mein ganzes Herz erhebet dich (English Translation)

Thee will I love, my God and King, thee will I sing, my strength and tower.
For evermore thee will I trust, o God, most just of truth and power.
Thou all things hast in order placed, yea, for thy pleasure hast created.
And on thy throne, unseen, unknown, reignest alone in glory seated.

Set in my heart thy love I find; my wandering mind to thee thou leadest.
My trembling hope, my strong desire with heavenly fire thou kindly feedest.
Lo, all things fair thy path prepare, thy beauty to my spirit calleth,
thine to remain in joy or pain, and count it gain whate'er befalleth.

O more and more thy love extend, my life befriend with heavenly pleasure;
that I may win thy paradise, thy pearl of price thy countless treasure;
since but in thee I can go free from earthly care and vain oppression,
this prayer I make for Jesus' sake that thou me take in thy possession.

Psalm 138

Translation by Robert Bridges