Der Wassermann - English translation

It was in the mild month of May
the girls from Tübingen held a dance
they danced and danced together
around a lime tree in the green valley.

A young stranger, dressed proudly,
soon turned to the most beautiful girl;
stretched out his hand and invited her to dance,
and placed a sea-green wreath on her head.

"O young man! Why is your arm so cold?"
"In the depths of the Neckar it isn't warm."
"O young man! Why is your hand so pale?"å
"The sun's rays do not penetrate the water!"

He danced with her far away from the lime tree:
"Let go, young man! Listen, my mother is calling!"
He danced with her along the Neckar:
"Let go, young man! O dear, I'm so afraid!"
He held her fast around her waist,
"My lovely maiden, you are Aquarius' bride!"
He danced with her into the waves:
"O my father and my mother!"
He led her into the crystal hall:
"Farewell all my sisters, farewell, farewell!"