Engl. Trans  Grieg  Våren
from op.33

Once again I could see,
how winter had to flee into spring,
once again I saw the wild cherry
bloom in spring.
once again I saw the little mountain stream flowing,
freed from ice,
heard the thundering stream of melt water
pour into the valley.
once again I saw the flowers in the green of the flowering meadow,
heard the thrush happily greet the summer with joyous song.

One day, I will myself be part of all the blossoms and foam,
I will refresh myself in the cool fresh breeze with happy dreams.
The flowery garlands, spring's present to me,
woke in me the spirit of the fathers, their sighs and their dancing.
It seemed to me I found one of spring's secrets in the firtree;
and it was as if my flute began to weep softly.