Engl Trans  Fauré  Pavane

It's Lindor! It's Tircis!
And all of our victors!
It's Myrtil! And Lydé!
Queens of our hearts!
How provocative they are!
How proud always!
How they dare to govern our fate and our days!
Stay in time! Oh, deadly insult.
The cadenza is too slow, and the end more secure.
We'll have to turn down their cackling.
Soon we'll be their servants!
How ugly they are! Pretty little faces!
How foolish they are! What flirtatious manners!
And it's always the same, and it's always like that!
You love them, you hate them!
You say bad things about your beloved.
Goodbye Myrtil! Èglé, Chloé!
Funny demons!
So goodbye, and good day
to the tyrants of our hearts! And good day!