Brahms, op. 42 Nr. 2   en

2. From the depths of the sea
the eening bells ginrs, muffled and weak,
sending us wondrous messages
from the old and splendid city of marvels

Swallowed up in the womb of the waves,
its ruins are yet standing below.
Its battlements let golden sparkles
reflect on the mirror of the water.

And the sailor who once has seen the magic gleams
in the light of the setting sun,
always steers towards the same silent place
even if there are threatening reels around.

In the deep, deep depths of my heart
there are sounds like weak and muffled bells.
Ah, what marvellous news they give me
of the love that was hers.

A splendid world has sunk down there,
its ruins are yet standing below;
and often, like golden sparkles,
shine in the mirror of my dreams.

And then I long to dive into the dephts
and drown in the marvellous reflections,
and 'tis as though I heard the angels summoning me
towards  the ancient city of marvels.