Engl. Trans. Brahms Fünf Gesänge
für gem. Chor a capp., Op. 104:

1. Night Watch  I
Soft notes of  the heart,
Awakened by the breath of love,
Whisper forth tremulously
If an ear or loving heart
Should open to you;
And should none open,
Let a night wind bear you back,
Sighing, to mine.

2. Night Watch II
"Are they resting?", there from the west
The watchman´s horn is calling
And from the east the horn
Calls back, "They are resting!"
Timorous heart, do you hear
The angels`whispering voices?
Confidently put out your lamp
And let peace envelop you.

3. Last happiness
Quietly and sadly, from the trees
Leaf glides down lifelessly upon leaf;
The heart lives in Spring dreams,
Its hopes never fulfilled.
But a ray of sun still lingers
On the late wild rose -
As on a last happiness,
Sweet to one who has given up hope.

4. Lost youth
Raging over the mountains,
Rushing round the woods,
O days of my youth,
Where have you gone so soon?

Youth, precious youth,
You have fled from me;
O lovely youth,
Unheeding was my mind!

Sadly, I have lost you,
As if someone
Had idly thrown a stone
Into the water.

Though the stone may return
From the water´s depths,
I know that youth
Does no such thing.

5. In autumn
Gloomy is autumn,
And when the leaves fall,
The heart too sinks to cheerless woe.
Still is the pasture,
And southwards travel
The songsters, silent as if to the grave.

Wan is the day.
And pallid mists veil
The sun and the heart too.
Soon comes the night;
For all strength fails,
And life rests in deep oblivion.

Man mellows.
He sees the sun sink,
And foresees the end of life, as of the year.
His eyes grow moist,
But in the shimmering tears flows
The heart´s most blissful outpouring.
Fünf Gesänge
für gem. Chor a capp., Op. 104: