English Translation

1. Wedding song from Poniki
The maiden moved far away
away with her husband
far from her homeland.
Her mother said sternly:
follow your husband,
don't ever come home to me again!

I'm going to turn myself
into a partridge
and fly into my mother's home.
Fly into the garden
sit on the lily
sing and take my rest.

The mother hears me:
and says: a bird is singing there
sad and beautiful!
Fly away little bird
away, away you partridge
you are breaking my lilies!

You sent me away
with my bad husband
into the wide world.
O mother dear
I must weep now
far from my homeland.

2. Hay harvest song from Hiadel
Up in the mountain,
on a flowery meadow
I had a better sleep
than in my own bed.
The hay is stacked up,
we have finished our job,
let's go down to the valley
from the hills!

3. Dance song from Medzibrod
Eating and drinking,
that suits her fine and dancing,
but she doesn't feel like
sewing the seams of the skirt!

I paid the piper
so much money
and she danced with the others
and I could only watch.

4. Dance song from Poniki
Let the pipes are playing,
come, let's dance.
The bagpipes will play for you
and the girls enjoy it.

Play and let us live?
I will give two groschen.
The owner of the pub gets one,
and the piper the other.

Little goat kid on the grass,
your coat must be blown today.
If the kid is no longer whole
the bagpipe will play for the dancing.