English Translation

1. Clotilde
The anemone and the columbine
were growing in the garden
Where melancholy is sleeping
Between love and disdain
Along come our shadows, that will be  dispelled by the night
The sun making them dark will vanish with them
The deities of the fresh waters let their hair flow freely.
Go, you have to pursue the beautiful shadow you are heading for.

2. The Mirabeau bridge
The Seine runs under the Mirabeau bridge  - as well as our love
Do I have to remember
The joy always came after the sorrow
The night is coming the hour is ringing
Days are passing by, I remain.
Love vanishes as this running water
How slow is life
And how violent is hope.
Days go by, weeks go by
Times spent nor love come back
The Seine runs under the Mirabeau bidge.

3. Autumn
In the mist a knock-kneed peasant
and his ox are slowly disappearing
in the autumn mist
that has enveloped the poor and shy hamlets.
And while he's going there, the peasant hums
A song of love and infidelity
Telling about a ring and a heart you
break. Oh!
The autumn has made the summer die
In the mist two gray silhouttes are vanishing.