English Translation

Come down, o Holy Spirit,
who tears away the dark night.
Come, he who loves all the poor,
come, he who gives good gifts,
come, he who brightens every heart.
The greatest comforter of all time.
The guest who gives joy to the heart and the senses,
sweet refreshment for those in need.
You bring rest in hectic times,
you breathe coolness in the heat,
you bring comfort in suffering and death.
Come, o happy light,
fill heart and countenance,
penetrate deep into our soul.
Without your living breath nothing can survive in man,
nothing can be healed or healthy.
What is dirty, wash clean.
Pour life into that which is dried out,
heal, where illness brings suffering.
Warm what is cold and hard,
loosen what is seized up,
Give guidance to those who are lost.
Give the people who trust you,
who rely on your help,
your gifts to accompany them.
Let your people live
to experience the coming of your salvation
and eternal peace.