Translation of "Soir d'Octobre" (Emile Gardaz)

October evening

1. A little shade and light divide up the dusk
The forest turns back to stone again and the fox is jealous
I am dreaming at my window and my boat comes to you
And I watched the beeches growing old.

2. We are not in Cyclades and we are in our own isles
We have a gloomy wind that makes the knee bend
But for you, this October evening, I would like to stay upright
Whether I am lost or sober I want to live close by you
I want to live close by you

3 . I have nothing, my pocket is empty the fog is creeping everywhere,
A passer-by walked on, furious, for he had no appointment.
October evening at my window. Should we be wise or mad?
To be or not to be? [deliberate quotation from Hamlet]

Translation : Malcolm Jones