Unamos nuestras voces


Just as it dawns every day,
the sun breaks the night and the bird sings, the mirrors repeat their lies
and the rush and steps gather together ...


Just as war is not forgotten
to continue adding names to death, and so close to heaven those above
and so far below the horizon,

the furrow also remembers the seed, the poet finds the words,
the fire still lives in the ash
And music doesn't understand borders.


Let us join our voices in singing, let the heart sound, let us be the wind,
That fear does not settle in my throat or the cry enclose us in silence.

If hope was shattered yesterday, if the light went out and it smells like tears,
I hope it rains a song that tones the chest in the helplessness;

May the cricket continue singing to the night, that the sirens occupy the ships, that the streets will be filled with choirs, because together the miracle is possible.


Let's sing, let's sing, let's sing!

Author / Auteur :
Translation / Traduction / Übersetzung / Traducción : Héctor Alvarez