Incantatio maris aestuosi, aus "Kalevala"

"Enter, Jumala, my vessel,
Enter here, O thou most gracious,
Strengthen thou the hero's weakness,
And the wakling do thou cherish,
On these far-extending waters,
On the wide expanse of billows!"

Blow, thou wind, and sway the vessel,
Urge the boat upon the water,
Lend assistance to the rowers,
To the rudder give thou lightness,
On the wide expanse of water,
out upon the open water!"

But a little time passed over,
Short the time that then passed over,
When did Ukko, God the Highest,
Of the air the mighty riuler.
Winds arouse in magic fury,
Made the tempests rage around them.
Then the winds acrose in fury,
And the tempests raged around them,
And the west wind blew most fiercely,
From the southwest just as fiercely,
And the south wind still more fiercely,
And the east wind whistled loudly,
Roared the south-east wind tremendous,
And the north wind howled in fury.

"Water, now restrain thy children,
And, O wave, do thou restrain them,
Ahto, do thou calm the billows,
Vellamo, o'ercome the waters,
That they splash not on our timbers,
Nor may overwhelm my boat-ribs!
Rise, O wind, aloft to heaven,
And among the clouds disport thee,
To thy race, where thou wast nurtured,
To thy family and kindred!
Do not harm this wooden vessel,