Gottes Macht und Vorsehung

English Translation :

God is my song, the God of revelation
Great is his name and mighty his creation.
And all the heavens his domain.
His wills and speaks
and worlds are formed from nothing;
He speaks in rage,
and at his very breathing the heavens tremble.

What is and was in heavens, earth and oceans,
God knows it all.
The host of works he fashinons
are ever spread before his gaze.
He knows my pain and all my spirit's wailing.
He knows my every virtue's deed and failing
And runs in mercy to my aid.

He knew of all the gifts that he would give me.
Wrote in his book
how long this life would move me
Before I yet was formed and made.

Who comprehends
the wonders of thy doing?
Each speck of dust
to which thou givest being
Proclaims its great Creator's might.
The smallest of things shows for thy glory.
You, sky and sea
you, meadows, hill and valley
You are his anthem and his psalm.

God ist my shield,
if he will be my Saviour
I ask no more in earth or heaven forever
And will defy all hell can yield.
God is my shield.