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Supereminet omnem scientiam

David P. Babbitt (1947-)

Original Text

English Translation

Original Text

Supereminet omnem scientiam
o bone Jesu,
tua magna caritas quam
ostendisti nobis indignis
pro sola bonitate
et pietate tua, humanam et enim
non angelicam suscipiens naturam
et eam stola immortalitatis glorificans.

Verxisti super omnes coelos,
super onmes choros angelorum,
super Cherubim, super Seraphim
ad dexteram patris.
Te laudant angeli,
adorant dominationes
et omnes virtutes coelorum tremunt
super se et super hominem Deum.

Pro hoc magno mysterio pietatis
benedico et glorifico nomen sanctum tuum,
Rex Christe, fili Mariæ, fili Dei viventis,
tibi sit honor et gloria
in sempiterna sæcula, amen.

English Translation

Far above all the knowledge of all humanity,
O gentle Jesus,
the devotion is supreme which you have shown us,
although we are unworthy;
for in your loving kindness
and your self-abasement, you have become human,
not coming to earth among us as an angel,
thus giving to us mortals the garb of your immortality.

They bore you high above the heavens,
over all the holy angel chorus,
over cherubim, over seraphim
to reign with the Creator.
All angels honor you,
on high they honor and adore you,
and all mighty powers in heaven tremble
at your name, you who are human and yet God.

For this marvelous mystery I adore you,
and I magnify your name unto glory everlasting.
Lord Jesus, son of Mary and of God Almighty,
glory to you and the Creator,
forever and ever, amen.

This piece was performed by the SFBC in In Dulci Jubilo! A Candlelight Christmas Concert on December 6, 1996.

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