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Lyrik von Robert Tannahill
Die Lieder sind nach Liedanfang mit Liedtitel geordnet.

Lyrics by Robert Tannahill
The songs are sorted by the first line of lyric and Title.



Accuse me not, inconstant fair / The Farewell - Melody
Adieu! ye cheerful native plains - Melody
Ah! Sheelah, thou'rt my darling - Melody
All hail! ye dear romantic scenes - Melody
An Anacreontic - Melody
And were ye at Duntocher burn - Melody
Ar from the giddy court of mirth / Ye Dear Romantic Shades - Melody
Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie? - Melody
Auld Watty of Kebbuckston brae / The Kebbuckston Wedding - Melody


Baccahanalians, The - Melody
Bard of Glen-Ullin, The - Melody
Barrochan Jean - Melody
Blithe was the time when he fee'd wi' my father, O / The Dear Highland Laddie, O - Melody
Bonny Winsome Mary - Melody
Braes o' Balquhither, The - Melody
Braes o' Gleniffer, The - Melody


Chill the wintry winds were blowing / The Wandering Bard - Melody
Coggie, The - Melody
Coggie, Thou Heals Me - Melody
Companion of my youthful sports - Melody


Dear Highland Laddie, O, The - Melody
Dear Judy, when first we got married / The Irish Farmer - Melody
Defeat, The - Melody
Despairing Mary - Melody
Dirge of Carolan, The - Melody
Dorothy sits i' the cauld ingle neuk / Coggie, Thou Heals Me - Melody


Ellen More - Melody
Encircl'd in a cloud of smoke / The Baccahanalians - Melody


Far lone amang the Highland hills / The Lass o' Arranteenie - Melody
Farewell, The - Melody
Fill, fill tine merry bowl / An Anacreontic - Melody
Five Friends, The - Melody
Flower of Levern Side, The - Melody
Fly we to some desert isle - Melody
Fortune, frowning most severe / Bonny Winsome Mary - Melody
From hill to hill the bugles sound / The Defeat - Melody
From the rude bustling camp - Melody


Gloomy winter's now awa' - Melody
Green Inismore - Melody


Hark! 'tis the poor maniac's song / The Maniac's Song - Melody
How light is my heart as I journey along / Green Inismore - Melody


I mark'd a gem of pearly dew - Melody
I'll hie me to the shieling hill - Melody
Irish Farmer, The - Melody


Jessie, The Flower Of Dunblane - Melody


Kebbuckston Wedding, The - Melody
Keen blaws the wind o'er the Braes o' Gleniffer / The Braes o' Gleniffer - Melody
Kitty Tyrrell - Melody


Lament of Wallace, The - Melody
Langsyne, beside the woodland burn - Melody
Lass o' Arranteenie, The - Melody
Let us go, lassie, go / The Braes o' Balquhither - Melody
Louder than the trump of fame / Marjory Miller - Melody
Loudon's Bonny Woods and Braes - Melody
Lowland lassie, wilt thou go / O Row Thee in my Highland Plaid - Melody


Maniac's Song, The - Melody
Marjory Miller - Melody
Mary why thus waste thy youth-time in sorrow? / Despairing Mary - Melody
Mine Ain Dear Somebody - Melody
Mirk and rainy is the nicht / Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie? - Melody
Molly, My Dear - Melody
My heart is sair wi' heavy care - Melody
My Mary is a bonny lassie - Melody


Negro Girl, The - Melody
Now let the procession move solemn and slow / The Soldier's Funeral - Melody
Now winter is gane and the clouds flee away - Melody
Now Winter, wi' his cloudy brow - Melody


O could I fly like the green-coated fairy / Peggy O'Rafferty - Melody
O Lassie, will ye tak' a man - Melody
O Row Thee in my Highland Plaid - Melody
O Sair I rue the witless wish - Melody
Och hey! Johnnie, lad - Melody
One night in my youth as I rov'd with my merry pipe - Melody
Our bonny Scotch lads, in their green tartan plaids - Melody


Peggy O'Rafferty - Melody


Rab Roryson's Bonnet - Melody
Responsive, ye woods, wing your echoes along - Melody


Soldier's Funeral, The - Melody
Soldier's Widow, The - Melody


The breeze of the night fans / Kitty Tyrrell - Melody
The cold wind blows / The Soldier's Widow - Melody
The harvest is o'er, and the lads are so funny / Molly, My Dear - Melody
The midges dance aboon the burn - Melody
The Queensferry boatie rows light / The Worn Soldier - Melody
The sun had kiss'd green Erin's waves / Ellen More - Melody
The sun has gane down o'er the lofty Ben Lomond / Jessie, The Flower Of Dunblane - Melody
Tho' my eyes are grown dim / The Bard of Glen-Ullin - Melody
Thou bonny wood of Craigie lea! - Melody
Thou dark winding Carron, once pleasing to see / The Lament of Wallace - Melody
Though Humble My Lot - Melody
Through Crockston Castle's lanely wa's - Melody
'Tis ha'ena ye heard, man, o' Barrochan Jean! / Barrochan Jean - Melody


Wandering Bard, The - Melody
Weel, wha's in the bouroch / The Five Friends - Melody
We'll meet beside the dusky glen, on yon burn side / Yon Burn Side - Melody
When gloaming treads the heels of day / Mine Ain Dear Somebody - Melody
When John and I were married - Melody
When Poortith cauld, and sour Disdain / The Coggie - Melody
When Rosie was faithful, how happy was I! - Melody
Where primroses spring on the green tufted brae / Though Humble My Lot - Melody
While the grey-pinion'd lark early mounts to the skies - Melody
Why unite to banish Care? - Melody
Wild drives the bitter northern blast - Melody
With waefu' heart, and sorrowing e'e - Melody
Worn Soldier, The - Melody


Ye Dear Romantic Shades - Melody
Ye echoes that ring round the woods of Bowgreen - Melody
Ye friendly stars that rule the night - Melody
Ye maids of green Erin, why sigh ye so sad? / The Dirge of Carolan - Melody
Ye sunny braes that skirt the Clyde / The Flower of Levern Side - Melody
Ye wooer lads wha greet an' grane - Melody
Ye'll a' hae heard tell o' Rab Roryson's bonnet / Rab Roryson's Bonnet - Melody
Yon Burn Side - Melody
Yon poor Negro girl, an exotic plant / The Negro Girl - Melody

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