This Night a Wondrous Revelation

Melody - "O daß ich tausend Zungen", Johann B. K├Ânig, 1738; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Caspar F. Nachtenhoefer, c. 1683, tr. by Anna Hoppe, 1922; German text

This night a wondous revelation
Makes known to me God's love and grace;
The Child that merits adoration
Brings light to our benighted race;
And though a thousand suns did shine,
Still brighter were that Light divine.

2. The Sun of Grace for thee is beaming;
Rejoice, my soul, in Jesus' birth!
The light from yonder manger streaming
Sends forth its rays o'er all the earth.
It drives the night of sin away
And turns our darkness into day.

3. This light, which all thy gloom can banish,
The bliss of heaven glorifies;
When sun and moon and stars shall vanish,
Its rays shall still illume the skies.
This light through all eternity
Thy heaven and all to thee shall be.

4. Meanwhile, with faith and love's clear shining,
Let all within be full of light,
Thy heart in truth to God inclining
Else will his Sun retire from sight.
Oh, wouldst thou live beneath His ray,
Pursue no more sin's darksome way.

5. O Jesus, precious Sun of Gladness,
Fill Thou-my soul with light, I pray.
Dispel the gloomy night of sadness
And teach Thou me this Christmas Day
How I a child of light may be,
Aglow with light that comes from Thee.


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