The Sun's Last Beam of Light is Gone

Melody - "Wo Gott zum Haus", from the Geistliche Lieder, Wittenberg, 1535; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Nikolaus Herman, 1560; German text

The sun's last beam of light is gone,
The shades of night come swiftly on;
O Christ, our Light, upon us shine
Lest we to sin's dark ways incline.

2. We thank Thee that throughout the day
Thine angles kept all harm away.
Thy grace from care and vexing fear
Hath led us on in safety here.

3. Lord, if we angered Thee today,
Remember not our sins, we pray,
But let Thy mercy o'er them sweep,
And give us calm and restful sleep.

4. Let angels guard our sleeping hours
And drive away all evil powers;
Our soul and body, while we sleep,
In safety, gracious Father, keep.


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