Rise, My Soul, to Watch and Pray

Melody - "Straf mich nicht", from the Hundert Arien, Dresden, 1694; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Johann B. Freystein, 1697; German text

Rise, my soul, to watch and pray,
From thy sleep awaken;
Be not by the evil day
Unawares o'ertaken.
For the Foe, well we know,
Oft his harvest reapeth
While the Christian sleepeth.

2. But first rouse thee and awake
From secure indifference;
Else will follow in its wake
Woe without deliverance.
O beware! Soul, take care!
Death in sins might find thee
Ere thou look behind thee.

3. Wake and watch, or else thy night
Christ can ne'er enlighten;
Far off still will seem the light
That thy path should brighten;
God demands eyes and hands
Open for the offers
He so richly proffers.

4. Watch against the devil's snares
Lest asleep he find thee;
For indeed no pains he spares
To deceive and blind thee.
Satan's prey oft are they
Who secure are sleeping
And no watch are keeping.

5. Watch! Let not the wicked world
With its pow'r defeat thee.
Watch lest with her pomp unfurled
She betray and cheat thee.
Watch and see lest there be
Faithless friends to charm thee,
Who but seek to harm thee.

6. Watch against thyself, my soul,
Lest with grace thou trifle;
Let not self thy tho'ts control
Nor God's mercy stifle.
Pride and sin lurk within
All thy hopes to scatter;
Heed not when they flatter.

7. But while watching, also pray
To the Lord unceasing.
He will free thee, be thy stay,
Strength and faith increasing.
O Lord, bless in distress
And let nothing swerve me
From the will to serve Thee.

8. Yea, indeed, He bids us pray,
Promising to hear us,
E'er to be our Staff and Stay,
Ever to be near us.
Ere we plead, will He heed,
Strengthen, keep, defend us,
And deliverance send us.

9. Courage, then, for all things must
Work for good and bless us
If we but in prayerful trust
To His Son address us;
For He will richly fill
And His Spirit send us,
Who to Him commend us.

10. Therefore let us watch and pray,
Knowing He will hear us
As we see from day to day
Dangers ever near us,
And the end doth impend
Our redemption neareth
When the Lord appeareth.


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