Renew Me, O Eternal Light

Melody - "Herr Jesu Christ, mein's", Leipzig, 1625; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Johann F. Ruopp, 1714; German text

Renew me, O eternal Light,
And let my heart and soul be bright,
Illumined with the light of grace
That issues from Thy holy face.

2. Destroy in me the lust of sin,
From all impureness make me clean.
Oh, grant me power and strength, my God,
To strive against my flesh and blood!

3. Create in me a new heart, Lord,
That gladly I obey Thy Word
And naught but what Thou wilt, desire;
With such new life my soul inspire.

8. Grant that I only Thee may love
And seek those things which are above
Till I behold Thee face to face,
O Light eternal, through Thy grace.

There are a total of sixteen verses.

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