O Darkest Woe

Melody - "O Traurigkeit", 1628; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Unknown, 1628, v.1, Johann Rist, 1641, v.2-8; German text

O darkest woe!
Ye tears, forth flow!
Has earth so sad a wonder?
God the Father's only Son
Now is buried yonder.

2. O sorrow dread!
God's Son is dead!
But by His expiation
Of our guilt upon the cross
Gained for us salvation.

3. O sinful man!
It was the ban
Of death on thee that brought Him
Down to suffer for thy sins
And such woe hath wrought Him.

4. Lo, stained with blood,
The Lamb of God,
The Bridegroom, lies before thee,
Pouring out His life that He
May to life restore thee.

5. O Ground of faith,
Laid low in death.
Sweet lips now silent sleeping!
Surely all that live must mourn
Here with bitter weeping.

7. Oh. blest shall be
Who oft in faith will ponder
Why the glorious Prince of Life
Should be buried yonder.

8. O Jesus blest,
My Help and Rest
With tears I now entreat Thee:
Make me love Thee to the last,
Till in heaven I greet Thee!

Verse 6 of the German is omitted here. Melody first published in the Würzburger Gesangbuch, 1628

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