My Savior Sinners Doth Receive

Melody - "Mein Heiland", from Musikalischer Christenschatz, Basel, 1745; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Leopold F. Lehr, c. 1731; German text

My Savior sinners doth receive
Who find no rest and no salvation,
To whom no man can comfort give,
So great their guilt and condemnation;
For whom the world is all too small,
Their sins themselves and God appal;
With whom the Law itself hath broken,
On whom its judgment hath been spoken,
To them the Gospel hope doth give:
My Savior sinners doth receive.

2. A love more deep than mother-love,
With which His heart was overflowing,
Drew Him to earth from heaven above,
On sinners boundless grace bestowing,
He in their stead a curse became,
He bore the across with all its shame;
Brought full atonement by His suffering,
Gave up His life for them an offering.
This comfort doth the Gospel give:
My Savior sinners doth receive.

3. His loving bosom still remains
A haven for the heavey-laden;
Christ frees them from their guilty stains,
Their burdened heart doth ease and gladden.
He casts into the unfathomed sea
The load of their iniquity;
He gives assurance by His Spirit
That they are saved through His own merit.
Yea, they shall live who this believe:
My Savior sinners doth receive.

9. Say not: "My sins are far too great,
His mercy I have scorned and slighted,
Now my repentance is too late;
I came not when His love invited."
O trembling sinner, have no fear;
In penitence to Christ draw near.
Come now, though conscience still is chiding;
Accept His mercy, e'er abiding.
Come; blest are they who this believe:
My Savior sinners doth receive.

11. Oh, draw us ever unto Thee,
Thou Friend of sinners, gracious Savior;
Help us that we may fervently
Desire Thy pardon, peace, and favor.
When guilty conscience doth reprove,
Reveal to us Thy heart of love.
May we, our wretchedness beholding,
See then Thy pardoning grace unfolding
And say: "To God all glory be:
My Savior, Christ, receiveth me."

Can anybody help with verses 4-8, and 10?

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