My Inmost Heart Now Raises

Melody - "Aus meines Herzens Grunde", from the Neu Catechismus-Gesangb├╝chlein, Hamburg, 1598

Georg Nigidius, 1585; German text

My inmost heart now raises
In this fair morning hour
A song of thankful praises
To Thine almighty pow'r,
O God, upon Thy throne.
To honor and adore Thee,
I bring my praise before Thee
Thro' Christ, Thine only Son.

2. For Thou from me hast warded
All perils of the night;
From ev'ry harm hast guarded
My soul till morning light.
To Thee I humbly cry,
O Savior, have compassion
And pardon my transgression;
Have mercy, Lord most high!

3. And shield me from all evil,
O gracious God, this day,
From sin, and from the devil,
From shame and from dismay,
From fire's consuming breath,
From water's devastation,
From need and consternation,
From evil sudden death.

4. Let not Thine angel leave me
While here on earth I stay
Lest Satan's arts deceive me
And lead my soul astray.
Then keep Thine angel near
At night and each new morrow
Lest soul and body sorrow
And falt'ring cost me dear.

5. God shall do my advising,
Whose might with wisdom blends;
May He bless rest and rising,
My efforts, means, and ends!
To God, forever blest,
Will I with mine confide me,
And willing let Him guide me
As seemeth to Him best.

6. Amen I say, not fearing
That God rejects my prayer;
I doubt that He is hearing
And granting me His care.
Thus I go on my way
And do not look behind me,
But ply the task assigned me;
God's help shall be my stay.


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