Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread

Melody - "Herr, wie du willst", from the Deutsch Kirchenamt, Stra├čburg, 1525; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Johann Rist, 1654; German text

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou living Bread,
May I for mine possess Thee.
I would with heavenly food be fed;
Descend, refresh, and bless me.
Now make me meet for Thee, O Lord;
Now, humbly by my heart implored,
Grant me Thy grace and mercy.

2. Thou me to pastures green dost guide,
To quiet waters lead me;
Thy table Thou dost well provide
And from Thy hand dost feed me.
Sin, weakness, and infirmity
Am I; O Savior, give to me
The cup of Thy salvation.

3. O Bread of heaven, my soul's Delight,
For full and free remission
With prayer I come before Thy sight,
In sorrow and contrition.
With faith adorn my soul that I
May to Thy table now draw nigh
With Thine own preparation.

5. I merit not Thy favor, Lord,
Sin now upon me lieth;
Beneath my burden, self-abhorred,
To Thee my spirit crieth.
In all my grief this comforts me,
That Thou on sinners graciously,
Lord Jesus, hast compassion.


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