Jesus, Savior, Come to Me

Melody - "Gott sel Dank", from the Neues geistreiches Gesangbuch, Halle, 1704; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Johann Scheffler, 1657; German text

Jesus, Savior, come to me;
Let me ever be with Thee,
Come and nevermore depart,
Thou who reignest in my heart.

2. Lord, for Thee I ever sigh,
Nothing else can satisfy.
Ever do I cry to Thee:
Jesus, Jesus, come to Me!

3. Earthly joys can give no peace,
Cannot bid my longing cease;
Still to have my Jesus near,
This is all my pleasure here.

4. All that makes the angels glad,
In their garb of glory clad,
Only fills me with distress
If Thy presence does not bless.

5. Take Thou all away from me,
I shall still thus minded be,
Thou who madest me Thine own
Shalt be all my Joy alone.

6. None shall claim my heart beside,
None but Jesus crucified;
Savior, I am only Thine,
Other love shall ne'er be mine.

7. Thou alone, my God and Lord,
Art my Glory and Reward.
Thou hast bled for me and died;
In Thy wounds I safely hide.

8. Come, then, Lamb for sinners slain,
Come and ease me of my pain.
Evermore I cry to Thee:
Jesus, Jesus, come to me!

9. Patiently I wait Thy Day;
For this gift, O Lord, I pray,
That, when death shall come to me,
My dear Jesus Thou wilt be.


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