In Thee, Lord, Have I Put My Trust

Melody - from the Himmlische Harfen, Augsburg, 1581; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Adam Reusner, 1533; German text

In Thee, Lord, have I put my trust;
Leave me not helpless in the dust,
Let me not be confounded.
Let in Thy Word My faith, O Lord,
Be always firmly grounded.

2. Bow down Thy gracious ear to me
And hear my cries and prayers to Thee,
Haste Thee for my protection;
For woes and fear Surround me here.
Help me in mine affliction.

3. My God and Shield, now let Thy power
Be unto me a mighty tower
Whence bravely I defend me
Against the foes That round me close.
O Lord, assistance lend me.

4. Thou art my Strength, my Shield, my Rock,
My Fortress that withstands each shock,
My Help, my Life, my Treasure.
Whate'er the rod, Thou art my God;
Naught can resist Thy pleasure.

5. The world for me has falsely set
Full many a secret snare and net
To tempt me and to harm me.
Lord, make them fail, Do Thou prevail,
Let their disguise not charm me.

6. With Thee, Lord, have I cast my lot;
O faithful God, forsake me not,
To Thee my soul commending.
Lord, be my Stay, Lead Thou the way
Now and when life is ending.

7. All honor, praise, and majesty
To Father, Son, and Spirit be,
Our God forever glorious,
In whose rich grace We'll run our race
Till we depart victorious.


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