For Me to Live Is Jesus

Melody - "Christus, der ist mein Leben", Melchior Vulpius, 1609

Unknown, 1609, 1612, v1-7 tr. by Catherine Winkworth, 1863; German text

For me to live Is Jesus.
To die is gain for me;
Then, whensoe'er He pleases,
I meet death willingly.

2. For Christ, my Lord and Brother,
I leave this world so dim
And gladly seek that other,
Where I shall be with Him.

3. My woes are nearly over,
Though long and dark the road;
My sin His merits cover,
And I have peace with God.

4. Lord, when my powers are failing,
My breath comes heavily,
And words are unavailing.
Oh, hear my sighs to Thee!

5. When mind and thought, O Savior,
Are flickering like a light
That to and fro doth waver
Ere 'tis extinguished quite.

6. In that last hour, oh, grant me
To slumber soft and still,
No doubts to vex or haunt me,
Safe anchored on Thy will;

7. And so to Thee still cleaving
Through all death's agony,
To fall asleep believing
And wake in heaven with Thee.

8.Amen! Thou, Christ, my Savior.
Wilt grant this unto me.
Thy Spirit lead me ever
That I fare happily.


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