Dearest Jesus, We Are Here

Melody - "Liebster Jesu", Johann R. Ahle, 1664

Benjamin Schmolck, 1704; German text

Dearest Jesus, we are here,
Gladly Thy command obeying;
With this child we now draw near
In accord with Thine own saying
That to Thee it shall be given
As a child and heir of heaven.

2. Yea, Thy word is clear and plain,
And we would obey it duly:
He who is not born again,
Heart and life renewing truly,
Born of water and the Spirit,
Can My kingdom not inherit.

3. Therefore hasten we to Thee,
In our arms this infant bearing;
Let us here Thy glory see
Let this child, Thy mercy sharing,
In Thine arms be shielded ever,
Thine on earth and Thine forever.

4. Wash it, Jesus, in Thy blood,
From the sin-stain of its nature;
Let it rise from out this flood
Clothed in Thee, a new-born creature;
May it, washed as Thou hast bidden,
In Thine innocence be hidden.

5. Turn its darkness into light,
To Thy grace receive and save it;
Heal the Serpent's venomed bite
In the font where now we lave it;
Here let flow a Jordan river
And from leprosy deliver.

6. Gracious Head, Thy member own;
Shepherd, take Thy lamb and feed it;
Prince of Peace, make here Thy throne;
Way of Life, to heaven lead it;
Precious Vine, let nothing sever
From Thy side this branch forever.

7. Now into Thy heart we pour
Prayers that from our hearts proceeded.
Our petitions heavenward soar;
May our warm desires be heeded!
Write the name we now have given,
Write it in the book of heaven.


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