O Jesus, Crucified for Man

Melody -

W. Walsham How, 1871

O Jesus, crucified for man,
O Lamb, all glorious on thy throne,
Teach thou our wondering souls to scan
The mystery of thy love unknown.

2. We pray thee, grant us strength to take
Our daily cross, whate'er it be,
And gladly for thine own dear sake
In paths of pain to follow thee.

3. As on our daily way we go,
Through light or shade, in calm or strife,
O may we bear thy marks below
In conquered sin and chastened life.

4. And week by week this day we ask
That holy memories of thy cross
May sanctify each common task,
And turn to gain each earthly loss.

5. Grant us, dear Lord, our cross to bear
Till at thy feet we lay it down,
Win through thy blood our pardon there,
And through the cross attain the crown.


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