Lord of the Church, We Humbly Pray

Melody - "Kommt her zu mir", German, c. 1400; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Edward Osler, 1836

Lord of the Church, we humbly pray
For those who guide us in Thy way
And speak Thy holy Word.
With love divine their hearts inspire.
And touch their lips with hallowed fire
And needful strength afford.
2. Help them to preach the Truth of God,
Redemption through the Savior's blood,
Nor let the Spirit cease
On all the Church His gifts to shower
To them a messenger of power;
To us, of life and peace.
3. So may they live to Thee alone,
Then hear the welcome word, "Well done,"
And take their crown above;
Enter into their Master's joy
And all eternity employ
In praise and bliss and love.


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