Heal Me, O My Saviour, Heal

Melody -

Godfrey Thring, 1866

Heal me, O my Saviour, heal;
Heal me as I suppliant kneel;
Heal me, and my pardon seal.

2. Fresh the wounds that sin hath made
Hear the prayers I oft have prayed,
And in mercy send me aid.

3. Helpless, none can help me now;
Cheerless, none can cheer but thou;
Suppliant, Lord, to thee I bow.

4. Thou the true Physician art;
Thou, O Christ, canst health impart,
Binding up the bleeding heart.

5. Other comforters are gone;
Thou canst heal, and thou alone,
Thou for all my sin atone.

6. Heal me, then, my Saviour, heal;
Heal me, as I suppliant kneel;
To thy mercy I appeal.


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