Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost

Melody -

Christopher Wordsworth, 1853

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost,
Taught by thee we covet most,
Of thy gifts at Pentecost,
Holy, heavenly love.

2. Love is kind, and suffers long,
Love is meek, and thinks no wrong,
Love than death itself more strong;
Therefore, give us love.

3. Prophecy will fade away,
Melting in the light of day;
Love will ever with us stay;
Therefore, give us love.

4. Faith will vanish into sight;
Hope be emptied in delight;
Love in heaven will shine more bright;
Therefore, give us love.

5. Faith and hope and love we see,
Joining hand in hand, agree,
But the greatest of the three
And the best, is love.

6. From the overshadowing
Of thy gold and silver wing,
Shed on us, who to thee sing,
Holy, heavenly love.


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