Save Me From the Grave and Wise

Melody - "Nora Creina", arr. by Ludwig van Beethoven

William Smyth

Save me from the grave and wise,
For vainly would I tax my spirit,
Be the thing that I despise,
And rival all their stupid merit.
On! my careless laughing heart,
O dearest Fancy let me find thee,
Let me but from sorrow part,
And leave this moping world behind me.
Speak ye wiser than the wise,
Breathe aloud your welcome measure,
Youthful Fancy well can prize
The words that counsel love and pleasure.
2. Is it merry look, or speech,
Or bounding step that thus displeases?
Go and graver movements teach
To yon light goss'mer on the breezes:
Go where breathes the opening spring,
And chide the flowers for gaily blowing,
Tell the linnet not to sing
In jocund May, when noon is glowing.

3. Hence with wisdom, dull and drear,
And welcome folly at a venture:
Cease my song, - a sound I hear,
The planxty comes - the dancers enter.
In yon throng, if I should see
Some gallant, giddy, gay adviser,
Who through life might counsel me,
He indeed might make me wiser.


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