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Praise His Holy Name!

Hampton, Keith (1957-) [USA]

Text: Newton, John (1725-1807) [England]

... written for the 30th Anniversary of the "Voices of Melody" ...
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by the World Youth Choir 1998,
conducted by A.J. Thomas.
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Type of choir:
SATB (4 mixed voices), ref. S-085
SSA (3 women's voices), ref. S-185
TTB (3 men's voices), ref. S-285


Corvallis, OR: USA: Earthsongs (1998) - 4 p..
Instruments : Piano (1)
Genre - Style - Musical FORM: Sacred; Gospel
Liturgical Use: Acclamation; Praise
Mood of the piece: exuberant; rhythmic
Tonality: B flat major
Type of score: Full score
Duration: 3.50 min.
Difficulty for the choir (increases from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty for the conductor (increases from A to E): C
Text in: English
Source of text: Original text and portions of text of "Amazing Grace" and "Jesus, Jesus, how I love Thee"
Keywords: praise to God, shout, alleluia, Salvation, worship, Jesus Christ, cross

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