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"Fiela, fiela, fiela ngwanyana"

(Sweep, sweep, sweep girl)

Arranged by Bopape, Matlakala (-)
[South Africa]

A wedding song that reminds the bride of her duties in the new family. The song is pretty much in 5/8 time and has a very fun dance step which mimics bending over and sweeping with a short-handled broom.
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by the Polokwane Choral Society,
conducted by Matlakala Bopape.
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Type of choir: SATB (4 mixed voices)
Publisher: Marshfield, VT: USA: Northern Harmony Publishing (2004)  Ref: 8420 ; 4 p. in "The Folk Rhythm I" (80 p.)
The book" The Folk Rythm, Vol 1 " contains 16 pieces, a CD of interpretation, a CD of learning ( separate voices) and a DVD with pronunciation, video of learning of dance steps and video of execution in concert.
Editor or author of the restoration: Patty Cuyler
Genre - Style - Musical FORM: Folk music; Wedding Song; Secular
Mood of the piece: humorous; playful; dancing
Origin of the piece : South Africa
Tonality: G major
Type of score: Full score, Solfa notation included
Duration: 3 min.
Difficulty for the choir (increases from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty for the conductor (increases from A to E): C
Text in: Sotho
Keywords: a cappella, wedding, dance, sweep, mother-in-law

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