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Sweet and low

Barnby, Joseph
(1838-1896) [Great Britain]

Text: Tennyson, Lord Alfred (1809-1892)
[Great Britain]

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by the World Chamber Choir (1993)
conducted by Fred Sjöberg
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Type of choir: SATB (4 mixed voices)
Publisher : Great Britain: Banks Music Publications
Ref: YS63
Publisher : Oxford: Great Britain: Oxford University Press (1986)
Ref: p.98-99 ; 2 p. in "English romantic partsongs" (156 p.)
Publisher : USA, Robbins Music Corporation (1935)
Ref : in America sing (143 p.) 1 p.
Publisher : Sweden, Sveriges Körförbunds Förlag (1992)
Ref : in Cantemus SK 800 (55 p.); 2 p.
Type of choir: TTBB (4 men's voices)
Publisher : Great Britain: Banks Music Publications
Ref: YS382
Genre - Style - Musical FORM: Secular; Romantic; Lullaby; Partsong
Mood of the piece: calm; with feeling
Tonality: B flat major
Type of score: Full score
Duration: 2.50 min.
Difficulty for the choir (increases from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty for the conductor (increases from A to E): B
Text in: English
Musicological sources: London, 1863, Nr 20
Keywords: a cappella, sweetness, sleep, sea, mother, wind

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