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La petite fille sage (1936)
(Petites voix)

The good little girl (1936)
(Songs for children)

... à Martine Paul Rouart ...

Poulenc, Francis
(1899-1963) [France]

Text Ley, Madeleine (1901-1981) [ Belgium]
Text adapted by Heiberg, Harold [USA]
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Listen MP3 56kbs - Children voices
by the La Cigale de Lyon
conducted by Anne-Marie Cabut
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Listen MP3 56kbs - Women's choir
by the Choeur de chambre Accentus (Paris)
conducted by Laurence Equilbey
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Publisher : Paris: France: Editions Salabert (1936)
Ref : R.L. 11969 ; 3 p.
Type of choir : SSA (3 children or women voices)
Genre - Style - Musical FORM : Children; Cycle; Secular; Choir; Poem
Mood of the piece : narrative; flowing; calm
Tonality : G major
Type of score : Full score
Duration : 1,50 min.
Difficulty for the choir (increases from 1 to 5) : 3
Difficulty for the conductor (increases from A to E) : C
Text in : French ; adaptation in English
Keywords : girl, school, evening, star, a cappella, family

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