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Psalm XCVI (1969)
"Sing unto the Lord"

Merrill Kay Bradshaw (born in 1929)
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by the Duquesne University - Chamber Singers, Pittsburgh
conducted by Brady R. Allred
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Internationaler Kammerchor Wettbewerb 1997
Publisher : USA: Thomas House Publications (1984) - 15 p.
Type of choir : SAATB (5 mixed voices)
Genre - Style - Musical FORM : Sacred; Psalm; Contemporary
Liturgical Use: Acclamation; Praise
Mood of the piece : joyous; fast; dissonant; exuberant
Tonality : pluritonal
Type of score : Full score
Duration : 4 min.
Difficulty for the choir (increases from 1 to 5) : 4
Difficulty for the conductor (increases from A to E) : D
Text in : english
Keywords : song, Lord, Psalm 96, a cappella, joy

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