Charles Anthony Silvestri

Born 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Currently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA


Charles Anthony Silvestri received his Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Roman and Medieval History from Loyola Marymount University and the University of Southern California. He has received commissions in poetry, calligraphy and illumination. His collaborations with composer Eric Whitacre have been performed all over the world and have garnered him international praise as a poet/lyricist. He currently writes and teaches high school hiatory in Los Angeles, CA.

Choral Publications:

Lux Aurumque with Eric Whitacre (Walton)
Sleep with Eric Whitacre (Walton)
Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine with Eric Whitacre (Walton)
Her Sacred Spirit Soars with Eric Whitacre (Walton)
Watching Over Me with Dale Jergenson (Laurendale)

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