Three Canadian Folk Songs.- The False Bride (1980)

(As I roved out one morning in May, how bright was the sun and how fair was the day.)

...For the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir. Commissioned by David Stocks in memory of his brother....

Arr.: Holman, Derek (1931-2019) [Great Britain ; Canada]

Ref. : WB VG432  (11 p.)
Type of material: Choral score with piano for rehearsal only
Copyright : Warner/Chapell
Text in: English
Epoque: 20th century (1980-1989)
Genre-Style-Form: Secular ; Popular
Mood of the piece: sorrowful
Type of Choir: SATB  (4 mixed voices )
Soloist(s): Baritone (1) / Tenor (1) / Bass (1) (1 soloist(s) )
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): 3
Tonality: G modal
Duration: 3.5 min.
Number of verses: 6
Origin: Somerset (UK)
Source of text: English - Anonymous