Buona roba abbiam brigata


Text by Medici, Lorenzo di (1449-1492) [Italy]
Published by Curci Edizioni [Italy] , 1958 ; in Collana di composizioni polifoniche, volume II (127 p.)
Ref. : E. 6090 C., n°1, pp.11-12  (2 p.)
Editor or author of the restitution: Schinelli, Achille
Type of material: Full score
Copyright : Edizioni Curci, s.r.l., Milano
Text in: Italian
Epoque: 15th century
Genre-Style-Form: Renaissance ; Secular ; carnival song
Mood of the piece: fast
Type of Choir: SAT (3 mixed voices)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): C
Duration: 3.0 min.
Number of verses: 3
Musicological Sources: Dal codice Magliabecchiano N.141 (Biblioteca di Firenze)
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