Symphony No.2
Visions of a Wounded Earth (1995)

Out of the Past- Northern Images- Change- Specifically- Toward Healing

(These were the hills)

...To my parents, with love and respect...

Horwood, Michael Stephen (born in 1947) [Canada ; USA]

Text by Atwood, Margaret (born in 1939) [Canada]
Blumenfeld-Clenman, Donia (born in 1927) [Poland ; Canada]
Dominic, Magie (born in 1944) [Canada]
Hillis, Doris [Great Britain]
Lever, Bernice [Canada]
Steckley, John [Canada]
Strecker, James (born in 1943) [Canada]
Walker, Anne F. [Canada]
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Number of pages : 197
Type of material: Full score
Copyright : Michael S. Horwood
Text in: English
Epoque: 20th century (1990-2000)
Genre-Style-Form: Choral symphony ; Contemporary ; Secular
Mood of the piece: hopeful ; heroic ; meditative ; sombre ; reflective ; optimistic
Type of Choir: SATB (24 men + women voices)
Instrumentation: Symphony orchestra (25 instrumental part(s))
Instruments: Flute (2) ; Oboe (2) ; Clarinet (2) ; Bassoon (2) ; Horn (4) ; Trumpet (2) ; Trombone (2) ; Bass trombone (1) ; Tuba (1) ; Timpani (1) ; Percussion (2) ; Violin (2) ; Violas ; Cello (1) ; Double bass (1)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): C
Tonality: G tonal center
Duration: 50.0 min.
Source of text: Various Canadian poets
Data about the life of the work: Choral symphony in 13 movements (9 choral and 4 orchestral interludes) on poems pertaining to the ecological state of the earth's environment. Each movement endeavors to match the overall mood or flavor of the poetic text. The texts are from 8 Canadian poets and used with permission. The work has had a full premiere as well as a second performance of one portion. The full score choral score, and instrumental parts are available from the Canadian Music Centre (Toronto). Detailed description of the work on the composer's website.