Die soete Jesus lach int hoy (1982)

( Maria en Jesus in Bethlehems stal )

Wegelin, Arthur (1908-1995) [ South Africa ]

Published by Merensky Library [South Africa] , 1982
Number of pages : 11
Type of material: Full score
Text in: old Dutch
Epoque: 20th century  (1980-1989)
Genre-Style-Form: Christmas carol ; Sacred ; Secular
Mood of the piece: simple
Type of Choir: SATB  (4 mixed voices )
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 4
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): B
Tonality: modal
Duration: 3.0 min.
Number of verses: 1
Origin: South Africa
Musicological Sources: F Z van der Merwe Collection, University of Pretoria
Source of text: Netherlands