O Gott, du frommer Gott (1726)

BWV 045,7

...Satz aus der Kantate "Es ist dir gesagt, was gut ist", BWV 045...

Arr.: Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) [Germany]

Mel.: Fritsch, Ahasverus (1629-1701) [Germany] (1679)

Text by Rantzau, Heinrich (1526-1598) [Germany]
Adaptor of the text: Heermann, Johann (1585-1647) [Germany]
Published by Deutscher Verlag für Musik [Germany] ; Breitkopf & Haertel [Germany] ; in Chorbuch 1985 (160 p.)
Ref. : DV 7937  (1 p.)
Editor or author of the restitution: Damm, Dietmar
Type of material: Full score
ISMN/ISBN : M-2004-7093-2
Text in: German
Epoque: 17 ; 18th century
Genre-Style-Form: Chorale ; Cantata chorus ; Sacred
Type of Choir: SATB (4 mixed voices)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): B
Tonality: E major
Duration: 2.0 min.
Liturgical Use: 8th Sunday after Trinity
Number of verses: 3
Musicological Sources: Gesangbuch / Darmstadt / 1698
Source of text: "Da, qui cuncta potes" / Heinrich von Rantzau
Alsace, France
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