Les sirènes (1911)

(Nous sommes la beauté qui charme les plus forts)

...à Madame Engel Bathori...

Boulanger, Lili (1893-1918) [France]

Text by Grandmougin, Charles (1850-1930) [France]
Published by Treble Clef Music Press [USA] , 1996
Ref. : TC-115  (11 p.)
Type of material: Full score
Text in: French
Epoque: 20th century (1900-1949)
Genre-Style-Form: Secular ; Choir
Mood of the piece: poetic ; chromatism ; calm ; slow
Type of Choir: SSA + SAA OR SSA + SAT (6 boy choir OR children OR women voices)
Soloist(s): Soprano (1) (1 soloist(s) )
Instrumentation: Piano (1 instrumental part(s))
Instruments: Piano (1)
Difficulty choir (incr.from 1 to 5): 3
Difficulty conductor (incr.from A to E): C
Tonality: F sharp major
Duration: 3.0 min.
Comment(s): Literal and poetic English translation included. Brief biography of composer included.
Alsace, France
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